The royal way to enjoy your shisha in Jakarta.


The royal way to enjoy a Shisha has to do with the water pipe itself. Precious materials from glass, real stainless steel, a royal aluminium apple on top through to the charcoal. Smoking must relax and never scratch in the throat. We have found a way how enjoying a hookah can give pleasure for up to an hour.

It is important to bring all components together in a precise and correct manner. It is not enough just to smoke the best tobacco or to use a good charcoal. Everything must be coordinated from A to Z. Together with customers in Turkey, Dubai, Indonesia (Jakarta) and Switzerland, we have been looking for a true and balanced smoking experience for more than two years. Smoking a hookah is a cultural asset and finds its origin in the 16th century. We at have found the perfect royal way to enjoy a hookah…the royal to have a Shisha is with

The Royal is…

…Culture – Sexy – Friendly – Mysterious – Gentle – Pleasurable – Wild – Exhilarating…

SHISHA.ID is now in the Ambhara Hotel Jakarta – The best Shisha in Jakarta!

SHISHA.ID is now in the Ambhara Hotel Jakarta – Enjoy very smooth Shisha in Jakarta!

The Liquid Exchange have now the best Shisha in Town of Jakarta.



  • Fez Kinara with Ira Wahyuni Shisha

Fez Kinara with Ira Wahyuni

Fez Kinara with Ira Wahyuni:
You are not a fan of beer or wine… but Shisha?
You don’t know what to drink if you come to our restaurant? Then we would like to recommend you our signature “Moroccan Whisky”. It’s not a liquor but it’s called whisky because it’s addictive, Morocco Mint Tea is green tea prepared with fresh mint leaves and sugar, served on the Morocco way. If you are a fan of coffee, you can try our Arabic Coffee and Turkish Coffee, served the way you wanted.

The lovely miss Ira Wahyuni is one of our loyal customer. She often come at Friday evening to hangout. Moroccan Mint Tea is one of her favorite menu at our restaurant. She is highly recommend Fez Kinara Dining and Shisha Lounge as a good place and great food. Not to forget the unforgettable Shisha from Ira Wahyuni say: The best in town.



Now is also in the Fez. Enjoy the best Shisha in Jakarta.

SHISHA.ID is Now in the New Fez-Kinara Dining and Shisha Lounge.