The royal way to enjoy your shisha in Jakarta.


The royal way to enjoy a Shisha has to do with the water pipe itself. Precious materials from glass, real stainless steel, a royal aluminium apple on top through to the charcoal. Smoking must relax and never scratch in the throat. We have found a way how enjoying a hookah can give pleasure for up to an hour.

It is important to bring all components together in a precise and correct manner. It is not enough just to smoke the best tobacco or to use a good charcoal. Everything must be coordinated from A to Z. Together with customers in Turkey, Dubai, Indonesia (Jakarta) and Switzerland, we have been looking for a true and balanced smoking experience for more than two years. Smoking a hookah is a cultural asset and finds its origin in the 16th century. We at have found the perfect royal way to enjoy a hookah…the royal to have a Shisha is with

The Royal is…

…Culture – Sexy – Friendly – Mysterious – Gentle – Pleasurable – Wild – Exhilarating…

SHISHA.ID is now in the Ambhara Hotel Jakarta – The best Shisha in Jakarta!

SHISHA.ID is now in the Ambhara Hotel Jakarta – Enjoy very smooth Shisha in Jakarta!

The Liquid Exchange have now the best Shisha in Town of Jakarta.



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Shisha, Belly Dance and Live Music

Every Wednesdays and Fridays at Fez Kinara:
Shisha and Drinks, Live Music and Belly Dance
Starting this Friday, July 21, Fez-Kinara is not just about dining the different Cuisins. Now you can also enjoy your evening after […]

Now is also in the Fez. Enjoy the best Shisha in Jakarta.

SHISHA.ID is Now in the New Fez-Kinara Dining and Shisha Lounge.