The «» brand in Jakarta.

Shishas are on offer throughout Jakarta. And this at different prices and qualities. For instance, a new bar opens where smoking is fine but the next day the quality of the charcoal or the tobacco is already saved on. The name of «» stands for quality today, tomorrow and in the future.


DIFFERENT FLAVORS AND TYPES AVAILABLE is bringing both classic and unique flavors for Hookah connoisseurs in Jakarta. Using a premium tobacco brand «Doobacco», our shisha mixes includes watermelon, mint and honeydew for those who enjoys the fruit based mixes, while bubble gum and blue magic are special flavors for those who likes experimental taste.

Among all the options, “Blue Magic” is a signature flavor that is a must-try for every Hookah lovers in Jakarta. It has a rich blend of fruity sensation and sweetness, combined with delicate taste of Doobacco’s distinctive, bubble gum flavor. It presents a great balance of classic and contemporary flavors. You can try this unique flavor only with for example at FJ on 7.



The moment you smoke Hookah, it will take you away to a new dimension. It will give you an appreciation of that particular moment and good company that you are in. You will learn patience and tolerance. This is why some of the most influential leaders of past centuries take pleasure in smoking Shisha and put high respect on it, for the symbol it represented.
Smoking Shisha had also become a popular leisure activity for more and more people in Jakarta. People usually gather to share the joy of Shisha at cafes or bars, and some do it at home to relax. Now you can enjoy in the perfect blend of shisha from for example in the «Fez-Kinara the Immerse Yourself in a Newly Refined Dining and Royal Shisha Experience»,  the Dungeon Pool Lounge and the FJ on 7 with the beautiful rooftop in Kemang!