Enhancing your Shisha experience

When smoking shisha, we all want more smoke, thicker clouds, and of course more flavor. These are some tips and tricks you can do to achieve that and enhance your hookah experience.


Shisha Tip 1 – Make Your Shisha Taste Better
When you first get your hookah, the flavors are so rich and delicious.  Every bowl of every flavor is amazing.  Unfortunately, with each bowl, a thin layer of residue begins to build up inside your hookah, base and hose. Little by little, a process called “ghosting” masks the delicious flavor. This is why, always make time for 10 minutes regular maintenance after every session. Clean your hookah, with extra attention on the bowl and hose every time. Second thing to add here is to add fruit into your hookah base. It will bring fruity, sweet sense to it, and improve the flavor dramatically by creating natural sweetness to your inhale.


Shisha Tip 2 – Get Thicker Smoke
Use more coal and add ice in the hookah base, or use additional hose accessory that help cools the smoke before you inhale. Here’s how it works: You can use more coals with all the ice and the smoke will be thicker without getting harsh, plus when air cools, it condenses, so you can actually fit more smoke in your lungs. As your body warms the vapor, it expands and you exhale more than you inhale!

Other than that, also have a dense pack. Dense packing is a bowl loading process that utilizes more shisha in one bowl to increase the amount of smoke output. To do so without over packing, just load it into a bowl as you would normally, and then pack the extra layer in tightly. It’s recommended to use a shisha fork or perhaps a foil poker to create some pockets of air to help heat flow through your bowl while smoking.

Last thing you can do is to use larger hose. It will optimize your airflow and overall smoke production. If you’ve been using a small washable hose or something similar, you be unknowingly experiencing airflow restriction. Opening up with a larger hookah hose can go a long way toward helping your smoke production.


Shisha Tip 3 – Better Flavor and More Smoke
When you load a bowl, spend and extra minute spreading out the shisha tobacco so that is as fluffed up and loosely packed as possible and don’t over fill the bowl. You might have to puff for a couple minutes before it really gets going, it is really worth it. The loosely filled hookah bowl allows hot air to vaporize flavors from the surface of more individual shisha leaves without burning the top layer. You get a better vaporization with more flavor and thicker smoke before the bowl gets harsh. Invest a couple extra minutes in your set up and reap the rewards of the better flavor and thicker smoke.