Exquisite hookah experience at PappaJack Wijaya – Jakarta

We are proud to announce that Shisha.id was officially launched at Pappa Jack Wijaya on Saturday, 21st November 2015. We are bringing an elevated degree of hookah tradition for Jakarta’s hookah connoisseurs.

Our perfected hookah and special blend tobacco have convinced everyone of our forte in serving the best hookah experience in the world. From the coal, tobacco, to the hardware itself, we had carefully engineered the ultimate smoking sensation for shisha lovers all over the world.

We take our shisha seriously. We believe that is not just about using good tobacco and charcoal, but also about bringing a balanced coordination into every element, in a precise and correct manner.

  • Our hookah is made of stainless steel and Bohemian glass. Small, but very artistic in details. It has magnetic ash plate to keep it clean and ensure convenient shisha smoking.
  • Our special hookah bowl features an aluminum core with a vortex style design to prevent the juices from dripping into the hookah. Surrounding the aluminum core is a silicone sleeve that makes this bowl easy to handle and always cool to touch. On top of it, sits a charcoal screen with a nifty apple leaf shaped handle.
  • Our coal came straight from the Netherlands that can burn up to an hour. There is no need for changing or additional coal.
  • We only use high-quality tobacco with five signature flavors.

This remarkable innovation in the art of hookah was created from the hard work of our Shisha experts for over two years. We worked together with our loyal customers in Indonesia, Turkey, Dubai, and Switzerland, to find the perfect balance and the ultimate hookah smoking experience.

Our hookah is guaranteed not to scratch the throat. Therefore, it is perfectly safe and enjoyable for beginners, and even more pleasurable for expert smokers. We are inviting all the Shisha lovers to feel the difference. Come and prepare yourself for Shisha.id royal, exquisite Shisha experience!