Fez Kinara with: Fahmi Mohammad Alamri

«I like this Falafel and Middle East food!»

Falafel is one of traditional Mediterranean food that famous around the globe. Made from Chickpeas that grounded, seasoned with parsley, garlic, and spices, shaped into balls or fritters, and then deep fried, served with bread and white sauce. Falafel is full of nutrients like fiber, protein, and folate, its suitable for vegetarian.

The origin of Falafel is unknown and controversial. A common theory said the dish originated from Egypt, possibly eaten by Copts (an ethno-religious group in Egypt) as a replacement for meat during lent (fasting for not eating meat). The word of Falafel come from Coptic Egyptian Language “Pha La Phel” meaning “of many beans”. Today’s Falafel can be found in many cities in North America, not only in Egypt and the Middle East.

Mr. Fahmi likes our Falafel. He enjoyed the evening while drinking Moroccan Tea and having Falafel. That night, he came to watch Belly Dance, while having Double Apple Shisha. Nothing beats good place, with good food, enjoyed well with good friends, right?

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