Fj on 7 Rooftop Shisha in Kemang with: O. G. Noodles and sryamldrs

«Nice place – Rooftop Shisha –  What do you want more?»

We had fun and enjoyed a hookah. The place is special. People come to meet here. Everyone is relaxed and happy. The hookah is extraordinary. Nowhere is there a rooftop Shisha in Jakarta. Why extraordinary? Because it is light and you have pure pleasure for an hour. And that without always needing new coal. Brilliant. Just smoke and stop asking for coal. We have learned from a friend that there is such a hookah and such a nice rooftop. We were not disappointed and would recommend it to all. There are many places in Jakarta where you can smoke a hookah. But none is as good as this one. I know that sounds like advertising. It is. Try it yourself and you know why.

«A rooftop in the middle of Kemang – FJ on 7»

FJ on 7 Kemang is a bistro garden overlooking South Jakarta – serving international a la carte, brunch and asian favorites; including local dishes. FJ on 7 has three different areas, an indoor dining area, outdoor patio and an open rooftop terrace. It also has a pastry gift shop attached to the indoor dining room. Now they have also Shisha. Not only a Shisha like normal in Jakarta. It is the royal way to have a Shisha with Here you get a shisha always for two people. This is unique and only available at the places where you can smoke