Guide for buying a Shisha

Shisha connoisseurs, and lovers, usually have their own hookah collection at home. If you were thinking to take your love for shisha to the next level, you should probably get one of your own as well. You can get a hookah in a smoke shop, which can easily be found online. Some shisha lounges usually also have their own shops, where you can get a hookah and all the supplies. This article will discuss about what to look when buying a hookah, which type is right for you, and what parts to watch for, so that you won’t miss anything when buying your first Hookah.

There are different sizes, color and shapes of Hookah. It is important to find which one suits you best, depending on your preference and smoking habits. If this is your first, consider buying simple design that is easier to handle and suits your personality.

For first timers, the 12-18 inch hookahs, which are the medium sizes, will be the perfect size to use at home for personal use or with friends. It is also compact enough to bring over to other places, like your friend’s house or other social event. Second thing is choosing between single, and multiple hose hookah. Multiple hose ones are more expensive, but it is worth to have if you often smoke with friends. Again, choose based on your personal usage and preference.

Last thing to remember is to make sure you received all the parts when making the purchase, and check whether each part is in good shape and works properly. The essential parts of a hookah are as follow:

  • The Vase, or Base of Hookah
  • Downstem
  • Gasket
  • Purge Valves
  • Shaft
  • Plate
  • Top Screw
  • Bowl
  • Hose
  • Grommets
  • Tongs


Shisha accessories

To improve your shisha experience, experts had created some accessories to enhance the flavor and help you get thicker smoke. Today, let’s discuss some of the most popular hookah accessories out there.

One of the most basic accessories is the Heba Diffuser. It is a tiny little device that will make a huge difference in the smoke your hookah will produce. Snap this little guy onto the bottom of your down stem and you will notice a difference right away. Your airflow will be much smoother throughout your hookah, and the increased airflow will increase overall smoke production.

Along with that, the most trending one at the moment is the iced hose accessory, such as the Soguk that cools the smoke just before you inhale. It help produce more smoke, because when air cools, it condenses, so you can actually fit more smoke in your lungs. As your body warms the vapor, it expands and you exhale more than you inhale.

The Soguk Cooling Hookah Hose attachment is a new hookah accessory that could fit with almost any hookah hose. It utilizes an internal coil filled with a vegetable based glycerin solution that stays frozen longer than water to provide enough cooling power to last through the longest of hookah smoking sessions. To use it, simply place the unit into the freezer for 3-5 hours, after that remove it from the freezer then wipe away any excess condensation or frost and then press the rubber tip over the end of your hookah hose. It will be very cold to the touch when it is first removed from the freezer but the heat from your hand will warm the outer layer of the Soguk to a comfortable temperature. Install it, and this ice hose tip will instantly cool your hookah smoke!