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Tom Coco Silver

Rp 29000

The Tom Coco silver therefore now consists of a 3-part cutting disc, which allows you to perfectly fill all existing coal heater systems. Powerful, natural and offering a long heat life, the Coco Silver is a real must-have for any respected shisha smoker.

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Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: Carbon Disc Diameter 50mm x 27mm (cut into 3 uniform parts).
  • 1 kg contains 60 cubes
  • Incandescent in 14 minutes chrono (with a 1000W charcoal heater)
  • 100% natural coconut

With these generous dimensions, the Tom coco silver 3 blocks is therefore undoubtedly the largest charcoal for kaloud currently on the market and more powerful as it is almost 15% larger. The triangular cut has therefore been reviewed due to the diversity of the heating systems and since it is essential to fill them well, it is for this reason that the Coco Silver 3 Blocks has been completely reversed. In order to provide ever more power and more burn time.


The advantages of Coconut Charcoal over wooden Charcoal at a glance:

• Burns hotter with a higher calorific value
• Remains almost no residuals and less ash
• Made from coconut shells of coconut products processing
• No trees are cut down for the production

Weight 1 kg
Cube Size

50 x 27 mm (cut into 3 uniform parts)

Cubes per Box

60 Pieces

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