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Selfie Competition Sought:

The most attractive woman and the most attractive man.

Win 37.2 million rupiah!


Description of competition

We are looking for the most attractive woman and the most attractive man. Win 37.2 million rupiah in cash.

This is how it works: Make a selfie with yourself and our exclusive hookah. Go to to see where you can make your selfie with our shisha at one of our selected locations. You will have to enjoy a shisha and pay to be able to take part in our competition.

Make your selfie now! Appear at your best. It is not allowed to touch our exclusive shisha (except, of course, the hose and the mouthpiece). The more attractive your photo, the more “hearts” you can win at our competition. Tell all your friends to click on your selfie picture. Each click is worth one heart. The picture collecting the most hearts over exactly one month will be the winner.

Upload your selfie photo and another photo with your bill to We will check your selfie picture and the picture of the bill. If everything is correct, your selfie picture will be posted on our competition page within 12 hours.

Every month, the most attractive selfie of a woman or a man with the most “hearts” will be a winner. Exactly at the end of the month, at 11.59 pm, the website will be frozen and the two winners are determined! Every calendar month (July 2016 to March 2018, with no competition taking place during Ramadan 2017), we will look for the most attractive woman and the most attractive man. These two monthly winners will take part in the final prize draw. The final prize draw will again take place on our Internet page between 01.04.2018 and 30.04.2018. On 30.04.2018, we will meet at an exclusive party!!! All female and male monthly winners will attend at the party. On 30.04.2018, at 23.59 pm, the winners will be determined live at the party night and the two winners will receive a total of 37.2 million rupiah in cash. The official annual wage in Jakarta.

So come and join us. Tell all your friends that you are taking part and encourage all your friends to click on your picture. Win these 37.2 million rupiah.