The common ratio use for molasses or honey is 3 to 1. For every 3 grams of tobacco, use 1 gram of molasses or honey, for example 300 grams of dried tobacco takes about 100 grams of honey. Sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less depending on the style of tobacco and the type of flavoring. Mix the honey/molasses, all the flavorings you want to use and about 30g of glycerin per 300 grams of tobacco in a bowl and add the tobacco. Start light with the flavorings. Some of them are super strong. A tablespoon is all you need to start. Mix it up with wet hands and take a whiff. If it smells good put it in a Tupperware container to sit over night with in the jakarta night.

After the spines are stripped, bunch the tobacco up together, squeeze it into one block and cut it up with your sharp knife. You can make it as course or as fine as you want and this including in Jakarta always.