August 2017

Fez Kinara with Miftahul Jannah

Fez Kinara with Miftahul Jannah:
Moroccan cuisine is one of “must-try” dishes in the world. Known as “one of the great cuisines of the world”, Moroccan cuisine offers unique taste, combination of sweet and savory that mouthwatering. Do you want to try Moroccan cuisine? Fez Kinara is your destination.

Miss Miftahul Jannah went to Fez Kinara to spend her wonderful evening. It was her first time, but she felt enchanted by the music and ambiance. The music and cozy interior of the restaurant are what she likes the most.

For food, she recommended Moroccan Tagine Lamb. Tagine is a slow cooking stew that cooked in a traditional clay pot, it contains meat, vegetables, dry fruit, and spices, served with bread. In this great restaurant they offered Lamb Tagine, Chicken Tagine, Meat Balls Tagine, Lamb Prune Tagine, and Fish Tagine, all at your taste.

For beverage, miss Miftahul Jannah prefered Sangria to accompany her dinner. She is pleased and would like to have another round of Tagine.

Curious about Tagine? You should taste Tagine now, perfect for lunch or dinner, only at Fez Kinara Kemang Jakarta.


Fez Kinara with Mutia Shadiqa

Fez Kinara dining and Shisha Lounge is a perfect place…
…for you to have your gathering, meeting or chilling out with friends and family.

Taste our fresh, delicious, and unique dishes that authentic from India, Marocco, and Middle-Eastern countries which rich in flavour. Don’t forget to try our royal shisha and relax at our cozy lounge. Miss Mutia Shadiqa is one of our valuable customer, that had the unforgettable experience during her time at Fez Kinara. She loves our Grape Mint shisha as well as our Chicken Tika and Masala Tea. She recommend Fez Kinara as a place to hang out with friends and family duringthe weekends.

Come And enjoy the experience of 1001 nights. Please visit us at www.fez-kinara.id for more info.



August 2016

Guide for buying a Shisha

Guide for buying a Shisha
Shisha connoisseurs, and lovers, usually have their own hookah collection at home. If you were thinking to take your love for shisha to the next level, you should probably get one of your own as well. You can get a hookah in a smoke shop, which can easily be found online. […]

Tall Shisha vs short Shisha – Shisha.id give you a hand.

Tall Shisha vs short Shisha.

Does a tall hookah really smoke better than a small hookah?
One of the most common prejudices against small hookahs that they smoke worse than tall hookahs, may be simply a myth based on our perception of the appearance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the claims made about the […]

Enhancing your Shisha experience

Enhancing your Shisha experience
When smoking shisha, we all want more smoke, thicker clouds, and of course more flavor. These are some tips and tricks you can do to achieve that and enhance your hookah experience.


Shisha Tip 1 – Make Your Shisha Taste Better
When you first get your hookah, the flavors are so rich and delicious. […]

July 2016

How Shisha works?

How Shisha works
This basic overview will help you understand how hookah works. First, take a look at the hookah setup in the configuration shown on the picture above. The vase, or the base, is filled with water to submerge the down stem. The bowl is then covered with a perforated foil sheet or metal screen, and […]

How to make a Shisha bowl out of fruit?

How to make a Shisha bowl out of fruit?
Yes! It is true. You can use the rind of a fruit as the shisha bowl. It is a popular shisha flavor-enhancer, and a great emergency bowl to use in times of needs. Pears, apples, kiwi, oranges, watermelons, pineapples, and lemons, are among other fruits that commonly […]

Turkish women and their Shisha.

Turkish Women and Their Hookah
One of the oldest and deep-rooted traditions in Turkey is the “Nargile”, or Hookah. The Nargile started a whole new culture, which endured for many, many years. The original nargile came from India, but it was rather primitive as it was made out of coconut shell. Its popularity spread to […]

Shisha basic homemade recipe

Basic Homemade Shisha Recipe
It is always great to make your own stuff. Just like cooking, making your own shisha tobacco is an art of its own. The ingredients you will need to make shisha tobacco are fairly simple: Tobacco leaves, molasses or honey, glycerin and flavorings.

1. Soak the dried Tobacco
First step is to soak the dried […]

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