March 2016

With Shisha.id – How to blow smoke rings

How to blow smoke rings
Every smoker must have tried this at one point. Blowing smoke rings looks very easy to do, but in reality, it is not. There is actually a science behind this phenomenon. When air is pushed through a narrow space, a vortex is created in the center as the peripheral air is […]

December 2015

The Meaning Behind Hookah Tradition.

Originated over five centuries ago, smoking hookah, or what we known as Shisha, was seen as a symbol of status. It is very similar to our representation of the handshake. In our society, handshake signifies trust and agreement, a gesture that symbolizes the closing of a deal. Likewise, smoking hookah represents bonding and mutual understanding […]

November 2015

Exquisite Shisha experience at PappaJack Wijaya – Jakarta

Exquisite hookah experience at PappaJack Wijaya – Jakarta
We are proud to announce that Shisha.id was officially launched at Pappa Jack Wijaya on Saturday, 21st November 2015. We are bringing an elevated degree of hookah tradition for Jakarta’s hookah connoisseurs.

Our perfected hookah and special blend tobacco have convinced everyone of our forte in serving the best […]

Shisha Manners – Shisha.id

Smoking Shisha, or Hookah, is and always will always be a social experience. It is a privilege and a civilized pastime. Having fun, relaxing with your peers, and enjoying a peaceful hookah session is what it’s all about. It carries historical, traditional, and etiquette values since over five centuries ago. Today, as the trend of Shisha […]

The art of togetherness – Shisha.id

Smoking Hookah is one of the oldest Middle Eastern traditions, and it is one of the few affairs appreciated mutually by men and women. Even when it is fundamentally also a way to in tobacco, smoking a Hookah is extremely different from cigar and cigarette smoking. This difference is even reflected from the smoker’s custom […]

THE ORIGIN OF SHISHA – Shisha.id in Jakarta

Shisha, or often known as Hookah, is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco through the cooled water. The tobacco is heated in the bowl at the top of the hookah, and the smoke is filtered through the water in the base of the hookah. It is an ancient Middle East tradition dating back at […]

October 2015

You like Shisha? Smoke differently!

The royal way to enjoy a hookah has to do with the water pipe itself. Precious materials from glass, real stainless steel, a royal aluminium apple on top through to the charcoal. Smoking must relax and never scratch in the throat. We have found a way how enjoying a shisha can give pleasure for up […]