Smoking Hookah is one of the oldest Middle Eastern traditions, and it is one of the few affairs appreciated mutually by men and women. Even when it is fundamentally also a way to in tobacco, smoking a Hookah is extremely different from cigar and cigarette smoking. This difference is even reflected from the smoker’s custom and behavior. Unlike the tense demeanor of cigarette smokers, Hookah smokers are usually very calm and serene in his approach to smoking, as well as they approaches life. Understanding about the art of Shisha is an experience that will make you decelerate and indulge in your solitude, giving you absolute relief from stress and time to reflect on life.

The moment you smoke Hookah, it will take you away to a new dimension. It will give you an appreciation of that particular moment and good company that you are in. You will learn patience and tolerance. This is why some of the most influential leaders of past centuries take pleasure in smoking Shisha and put high respect on it, for the symbol it represented.

Shisha is a mixture of tobacco and treacle, honey or sugar, and distilled water with fruit flavors. This Hookah tobacco is very light and flavorful with a delightful fruity aroma. It is nothing like the tobacco in cigars and cigarettes. Shisha tobacco is smoked for flavor and does not have any substantial effect that interacts with the state of consciousness.

Smoking Shisha had also become a popular leisure activity for more and more people in Jakarta. People usually gather to share the joy of Shisha at cafes or bars, and some do it at home to relax. Now you can enjoy in the perfect blend of shisha from in Pappa Jack Wijaya. Indulge in its aromatic smoke among Pappa Jack’s lush, beautiful garden, while spending a nice Sunday afternoon with friends and loved ones.