Originated over five centuries ago, smoking hookah, or what we known as Shisha, was seen as a symbol of status. It is very similar to our representation of the handshake. In our society, handshake signifies trust and agreement, a gesture that symbolizes the closing of a deal. Likewise, smoking hookah represents bonding and mutual understanding between two parties. It has been said that in the early 1840’s a political crisis erupted between the Ottoman Empire and France as a result of the Sultan’s refusal to offer the French Ambassador the opportunity to smoke with him. It was considered as an extremely insulting gesture, and a politically incorrect action. So keep in mind to always share your Hookah when you’re in the presence of people that you respect.

In ancient times, when a groom wanted to earn the trust and agreement of his fiancé’s father, an assembly would take place at her house with the presence of all the elders of both families. If the father were convinced that his daughter’s fiancé was the right man to marry his daughter, he would fire up the Hookah and offer it to him. If all the conditions of marriage were accepted by him, the future son-in-law would then pick up the Hookah and smoke it, then the final celebration would take place at the groom’s house.

Hookah is a remarkable tradition that remains celebrated until today. The pleasure that Hookah smokers receive from this very simple, yet elegant apparatus can be quite remarkable, but one must learn about how to enjoy and respect this custom. We are now bringing the best of Shisha experience to Jakarta. Available for you to enjoy in Pappa Jack Wijaya, we bring back the royal way of smoking shisha with our perfected apparatus and high-quality ingredients.