Smoking Shisha, or Hookah, is and always will always be a social experience. It is a privilege and a civilized pastime. Having fun, relaxing with your peers, and enjoying a peaceful hookah session is what it’s all about. It carries historical, traditional, and etiquette values since over five centuries ago. Today, as the trend of Shisha culture is spreading to newer regions of the world, some of its customs got left behind and forgotten. Bellow is a list of unwritten rules, or ‘manners’, associated with proper etiquette (also in the PappaJack Wijaya).

  1. The first thing to understand is to respect the house rules. As an example, if you are at your friend’s house, and he has a set of rules, you need to respect that.
  2. Usually, the person who sets up the hookah will get to smoke first in the rotation. The person in charge of the coals will go second.
  3. Rotation is always clockwise. It means when if you are in a circle, when your turn is done, you must place the hose down for the person on your left to pick up and smoke. In some parts of the world, it is considered rude to pass it directly to someone.
  4. If you do pass it to the person on your left, always remember to turn the mouth tip away from the person you’re giving to. Simply never point your hose directly to someone.
  5. Always use your right hand when smoking Shisha. In many region, the left hand is considered to be unclean and signs of disrespectfulness.
  6. Be mindful not to blow smoke into another person’s face. While ‘shotgunning’, or the act of blowing smoke mouth to mouth, is not necessarily insulting at times, just never blow on another person’s face if you are not sure he/she will enjoy it.
  7. If you are smoking a multi-hose hookah and someone else is smoking, let him/her finish puffing before taking your turn. Also never blow into your hose in an attempt to push the smoke up through your friend’s hose to his/her face.
  8. Promote good hygiene. Do not share a mouth tip and if you are sick, do not smoke with friends.
  9. When it is your turn, rest the hose in your lap. Do not place it back on the table. Once you finished with your hookah session, the best way to tell everyone ‘we are done’ is to wrap the hose around the shaft.
  10. There is not an exact rule of how long one person’s turn is. Most people agreed that every turn should be around 2-3 minutes. If you are one of those who spend 5-10 minutes trying to perfect your smoke rings, do it on your own time. If one of your friends is like that, then subtly let him/her know.
  11. The Host should let their guest help in deciding what shisha flavor to smoke. Do not pick up a flavor you know someone will not like.